Bigo Live app is a popular Live Streaming app. Which is used by around 200 billions of people all over the world. In India too many people use this app for Live Streams, but many people do not know much about what is Bigo Live App and how it is used.

In today’s time, a lot of people prefer to do video chating than text chating. With the help of Bigo Live app with the logo of different countries of the world, you can do live video streaming.

It is live video streaming social networks. Whom you can talk to online live video by becoming globally new friends. In this, you are given the feature of live video streaming and private live video.

In the bigo live app, you can do group video chat, message chat and voice chat. There are many more features available in it. You can use it on windows, android and iOS.

Bigo Live app kaise Use kare

Many people face all the problems in using the bigo live app and some people do not know how to use Bigo Live. So let’s know how bigo live is used.

1. Home Button
As soon as you open bigo live, you see the home page where you can see the video of popular people.

2. Global Button
When you click on the second button, you see the flags of many countries, you get to see the video of the country you select.

3. Live Button
When you click on this button. So you go live on bigo. Now after connecting the video call to the people who are watching you, you can do live video chat.

4. Nearby Button
On this, you see those people who are closest to you, along with this, tell you how many KMs they are at a distance.

5. Video Button
After clicking this button, you are shown the hot and uploaded video of the people you follow.

6. My Profile
From this you can set up Bigo Live app account and how many people you follow and people follow you, you get lot of such issue from here.

Bigo live app par live video call kaise kare
As we all know that Bigo Live app is used for live video calling. But many people are worried about how to call live video, so let’s know how to call live video
Live Button –When you click on the live button, you have to write your title and click on Go live after which you go live. Now call with whom you want to talk on live video, if he recieves your call then you can start doing live video.

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