Caller Name Announcer Pro – When we are driving, when someone’s call comes, then we get a little upset, because we should not attend any call at the time of driving, but if it is an important call, then we have to stop the car and see that the call Who has put it, but at that time if we come to know that it is from the call company, or if such a person has called you, whose call you do not have to attend, then everyone’s anger is on the sky.

In this condition, only one thing comes to our mind, that I wish it might happen that when a person’s call comes on our phone, without looking at the phone, we will get to know which person has called. Many times this kind of problem also happens with us at home when we are doing some important work and the phone is kept a little away from us, and if a call comes from a person, we have to leave our important work and see that who has called

After using this app called Caller Name Announcer Pro, many of your work will become easy, because when you are doing some important work or you do not want to attend the call of any person, you can do it very easily now. Because after using this app, you do not need to look in the phone, who is calling you.

How to Download Caller Name Announcer Pro?

  • First of all, search Caller Name Announcer Pro App on Google play store.
  • After searching, many apps of this name will come in front of you.
  • You have to download Caller Name Announcer Pro in your mobile.
  • When this app is downloaded in your mobile then you install it.

How to use Caller Name Announcer Pro?

  • After installation, when you open this app for the first time, it will ask for some permission from you.
  • Which you have to allow, after allowing all the permissions, you first have to do a speech test in this app.
  • When you click on Speech test, you will hear a sound after which you will get a tax message in which successful will be written.
  • Which you have to OK.
  • In the end, the main window of this app will open in front of you, where apart from calling you will see many options like Audio SMS, Whatsapp.
  • You have to check all the options.

How to do Caller Name Announcer Pro settings?

  • If you have to do the settings of this app, then you can set it according to you by going to Audio settings, Volume, Speech Rate, Pitch Settings.
  • In settings, you will see many settings option on, you do not have to do any kind of tampering in on option.
  • You can also select the number of times you want to hear the name of that person when the call comes.
  • With Call Settings, you can set it accordingly by doing similar settings in Settings.

How to do Whatsapp Settings in Caller Name Announcer Pro?

With Call SMS, you can also do Whatsapp Chatting in Caller Name Announcer Pro, for which you need to give some special access permit. After giving access, you have to turn on Whatsapp Message Announce.

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