Photo Slide Tutorials – If you also do video editing from your mobile then it is obvious that you must be using some application or the other. In such a situation, if you know about alight motion and use alight motion applications then Today I have brought such information for you guys. With the help of which you can make videos from very good photos in alight motion applications.

Here the information I am going to give you will be seen sliding your photo and you will also get to see the lyrics video in it, overall a very amazing video will be made with the help of this information if you also want complete information about it.

So keep reading this article from beginning to end, in this article you have been told in detail about it.

How to Download Alight Motion Template For this Type Video Editing?

Friends, if you know how to use alight motion applications, then you will have an idea that if you are doing video editing in alight motion, then how much time it takes for you. To save this time, you can use alight motion template, now let’s talk.

What kind of video editing do you have to do the template from where. So that your video can be edited in less time, then friends, you do not need to use any applications for this nor do you need to go to any other website. needed.

In this article, you will be getting to see the download button at the bottom. By clicking on the download button you can easily download it and after editing this template you can do alight motion slide photo video editing.

How to Edit Slide Photo Video on Alight Motion?

To edit slide photo video in alight motion applications, first you have to open alight motion applications. After that the template you have downloaded. You can take the help of this template, for this the template you have downloaded.

Its Beatmark Project has to be imported in alight motion, here you will get to see many Beatmarks. So first you have to add a Lyrics Video in Beatmark. For this you will click on + of 1 run and the lyrics video you have downloaded.

Will edit the video of that song, you have to ad your full HD photo in Beatmark, even more than all Beatmark’s are seen in the future. Now your video is ready, but it is necessary to add some effect to your photo, for this the template you have downloaded.

Its effect project has to be imported in alight motion, here you will get to see three types of effects, copy the first effect and add it again in your first 5 photos, in the same way copy the second effect and with the next Will send this pic in the photo, now the last one will also copy the effect.

And whatever photos are left. Will add it again to all those photos, now your video has been completely edited and ready. Asked to add.

With the help of those photos, the slide effect has been applied automatically in your photo. So in this way your video has been edited and ready. You have to save your video. For this, you will click on the lion button and save your video in high quality, it will take some time to save, so you have to wait.

After waiting for a short time, your video will be saved in your mobile, you can share it wherever you want. In this way you can edit photo slide video using alight motion applications.

Conclusion:- If you are your own alight motion user, then very beneficial information for you people has been given in this article, in this you have been told how you can do photo slide video editing using alight motion applications in this way. Video editing is being liked a lot in the present time.

If you also make a video like this, then many people will like your video and they will not be able to live without praising you, hope you have liked this information.


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