Friends, you must have known about Android’s “Google Voice Assistant” and Apple’s “Siri” and probably you have also used it, in which you can search anything by speaking without typing or ask any question. .

Friends, in this article you are going to get complete information about Amazon Alexa, such a great voice assistant like, what is Alexa – What Is Alexa in Hindi, how Alexa works, features of Alexa etc.,

Alexa is a cloud-based Virtual Voice Assistant developed by Amazon. It’s capable of voice interaction, music playback, podcast streaming, setting alarms, playing audiobooks, and delivering real-time information like sports, weather, traffic, etc.

Alexa support is found in many smart devices like TVs, smartphones, speakers and through this you can also control your smart home devices.

Amazon designed Alexa to mimic real conversations, but you can actually use it to perform a number of specific tasks.

The name “Alexa” comes from the library of Alexandria, which tried to gather knowledge from around the world, and Amazon is trying to do the same thing. That is, there should be information from all over the world inside Alexa.

How alexa works

Alexa is very easy to operate. Alexa’s Wake Word is “Alexa” i.e. when you say the word “Alexa”, Alexa will be turned on in whatever Alexa supported device you have.

You can replace Wake Word “Alexa” with “Amazon”, “Echo”, “Computer”. When you speak the wake word, Alexa detects the wake word with a technology called Keyword Spotting.

After detecting the wake word, the request for the question asked by you is sent to the secure cloud base of Amazon and once the correct answer is found, those answers are sent to you.

What can Alexa do?

Friends, Alexa is a smart voice assistant through which you can listen to songs, listen to news, set alarms and reminders, answer questions, get any information from the Internet and many more. Can do a lot of things too.

With Alexa, you can turn your home into a smart home. In this, you can connect smart home devices such as lights, speakers, cameras, washing machines, fans, etc., things that can be connected with Alexa and operate through Alexa.

Which Devices Offer Alexa?

Amazon’s Echo series comes with Alexa voice assistant which includes devices like Echo Dot Smart Speakers, Fire TV Smart Remotes, Echo Show, Amazon Smart Plug, Echo Flex, Echo Auto.

Features of Alexa – Alexa Features In Hindi

1. Smart Home
Through Alexa smart home products, you can make your home more secure and smart.

2. Shopping
With the help of Alexa voice assistant, you can create shopping lists, book orders and track deliveries.

3. Communications
You can make hands-free voice calls and video calls through the Echo device and the Alexa app.

4. Entertainment
Entertaining content like music, podcasts, audiobooks, movies, TV, videos can be consumed through Alexa.

5. Productivity
You can use Alexa to assist with things like timers, calendars, alarms, email, etc., from your voice.

6. Routines
With Alexa, you can do multiple things at the same time by setting up custom shortcuts.

7. News
You can use Alexa to listen to your favorite news.

8. Fun And Games
With Alexa Game Skills, you can enjoy playing games with your friends.

9. Kids And Family
With the help of Parental Controls and Discover features, you can teach your kids new things and help in their growth.

10. Kitchen
With Alexa Assistant, you can create new recipes and do multitasking.

11. Photos
You can also share your favorite photos and take photos with your Alexa contacts.

12. Information
You can take general knowledge from Alexa, ask your questions and you can translate one language to another.

Alexa vs Google Assistant

1. Voice Recognition
In terms of voice recognition, both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant do a very good job. You can have continuous conversations in both Alexa and Google Assistant.

Alexa and Google Assistant can both recognize the voice of a different person.

2. Price
Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant both have a variety of smart speakers and smart devices in different price ranges.

Both Google Assistant and Alexa smart devices are available both cheap and expensive.

3. Music & Video
You get both Alexa and Google voice assistants built into smart speakers and smart displays, through which you can access music and other streaming services from voice.

Alexa can listen to you music through platforms like Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Vevo, Pandora and Tidal. Talking about Google Assistant, it includes all other platforms apart from Tidal and Amazon Music.

4. Smart Home Device
Friends, when it comes to the support of smart home devices, here Alexa is ahead of Google. Many devices like smart lights, smart plugs, speakers are available with Alexa supported.

Talking about Google Assistant, it has very few devices compared to Alexa and most of the devices are Google’s own.

5. General Knowledge
Alexa and Google Assistant are largely similar in terms of general knowledge. Both the Vice Assistants provide you correct and accurate answers.

6. Languages
Google Assistant’s smart speakers are available in English, French, German, Dutch, Danish, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish and Spanish.

Talking about Alexa, it is available in English, German, Franch, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

7. Privacy
When you ask anything to your Vice Assistant, your voice assistant records your voice to improve communication with your Vice Assistant and give accurate answers.

However, if you want, you can also disable it, because Google and Amazon are serious about the privacy of their users.

How to set up your Alexa speaker?

Step-1: Download “Alexa App” on your smartphone.

Step-2: Now open the “Alexa App”.

Step-3: After this click on the option “More”.

Step-4: Now click on “Add Device”.

Step-5: Select your Amazon Echo device.

Now you can see that your Alexa speaker is connected with your smartphone.

Conclusion: – Friends, in this article, we have provided you complete information about Amazon Alexa, in which we have told about what is Alexa – What is Alexa in Hindi, how Alexa works, features of Alexa etc.

We hope that this article must have proved beneficial for you and you must have got to learn something new from it.


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