My Name Ringtone Maker is used to make ringtone of your name as your favourite caller tune.
Simply leave the boring & regular ringtones and one can create ringtone using any names. My Name ringtone maker is the best app for making voice name ringtone as your favorite tune, not only for your own name. You can create ringtone using any name and for anyone using this name ringtone maker application.

How to make your own ringtone? If you want to download your Naam’s Ringtone Mp3 in your phone. So you have come to the right place. Sometimes you have definitely heard Ringtone from his Naam in another Android mobile phone.
If u want make your name ringtone. So whatever you like below, click on the site and make Ringtone and download it. Let’s start with-

How to make your name ringtone

1. First of all you have to go to FDMR’s site. Click here to go
2. There you will see the options of “Search Ringtones” above. Click there (See image below)
3. New Page will open. Search Box will appear in it. Enter your name there and click on the Search button.
4. Then, Ringtone list will open in your name. Whatever ringtone you like, clicking on the link below will open a new page.

5. Now there will be a download button in the New Page. Download Ringtone from there.


– Create your own name ringtone
– Option for selecting prefix and postfix
– Inbuilt music for background
– Select voice option for male- female
– Maintain volume of voice
– You can allow number of repetition to speaker for speaking your name
– Choose different languages for voice
– Listen after creating a ringtone
– Save in app
– Display all created and saved ringtones in app
– Share with your friends


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