Do you also run Whatsapp, you must have run it. At such a time, almost every smartphone user today uses Whatsapp. If you also run WhatsApp, then you must have updated your profile, but just imagine, in some way you can get to know who sees your Whatsapp profile, then how much fun it will be.

In today’s time, everyone likes to look more beautiful and smart than each other and also keep updating their profile on social media to show others, although there are some people who secretly see your profile. Which you didn’t even know about.

So today we will tell in this post that how can you know who sees your Whatsapp profile? If you also want to use this feature, then for this you will have to download an application, which is given in full detail below.

If you want to know who has seen your Whatsapp profile, then you have to download an app called Whats Tracker, you can also download this application from here or you can search on Google’s play store. download and install it

This is a third party app that easily allows you to access the list, from which you will be able to know who sees your whatsapp dp or profile, although it does not give completely accurate information but This can tell the truth to a great extent, so we are going to use this app.

How to Know, Who Sees Your Whatsapp profile?

If you want to know who sees your Whatsapp profile, then follow these easy steps-

Step #1: First of all you install WhatsTracker app by clicking here – Download WhatsTracker

Step #2: Now you open it, where you will find the option named Profile Visitors on scrolling down, click on it, as shown in the image below

Step #3: Now three three tab options will open in front of you, in which you will get the option Contacts, Visited and Visitor, with the help of which you will be able to know who sees your Whatsapp profile?

Contacts – Here you will get the list of people whose phone number you have saved

Visited – Here you will get the list of profiles on whose profile you have visited, that is, the people whose profiles you have seen.

Visitor – Here you will get a list of phone numbers or profiles, people who have stolen your Whatsaap DP or profile

NOTE: If you have installed this app for the new and first time then you have to give some time then this app will bring the list of people who have seen your DP, as shown in the Visitor section of 11 hours now. That is, after 11 hours we will get the list of people who have visited our DP and seen theft.

Does it really show the correct list?

Let us tell you that this app or any app in the world cannot tell you the complete truth but we can trust it a little bit. Since this one is completely free, you will also get to see advertisements on it, which you will have to keep cutting which sometimes seems annoying and yes, the list of Visited and Visitor in this app is updated only once a day. It is not that you checked someone’s profile immediately and someone checked your profile and that list gets updated immediately.

Conclusion:- So friends, this was the best way, with the help of which you will be able to know who sees your Whatsapp profile and when? So friends, in these ways you can find out who steals your profile, visits your phone number.

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