In today’s Smartphone world, all of us must have used TrueCaller mobile app at some point or the other. If you have never used this app then you must have heard about it. This is such a mobile app from which we can know the details (name, state) of any unknown number, if we have this app in our phone, then whenever there is a call from an unkown number, you will also see its name.

Even if that number is not saved in your phone, you still get to know the name of most of the unknown numbers. You can also know information like in which state the caller lives with the help of this app.

Just as you find out the details of others, through this app, in the same way everyone else can also know your number, what is your name. If you have never created an account on TrueCaller or have never used it before, even then no one else can know the details of your number.

If we want that an unknown person knows your name, then for that you will have to remove (Unlist) your mobile number from Truecaller. Along with the TrueCaller mobile application, it also has a website where anyone can go and find the location of any mobile number. There you just have to enter someone’s number and you will get all the details along with his name.

How does True Caller work?

First of all, let us know how True Caller works, how it takes the location and name of any number. When we install this app on our phone, it stores the names and numbers of all the contact numbers stored in our phonebook in its database. In the same way, this app is installed in any phone. This app also takes details of their contact numbers. And on the basis of those thousands and millions of store numbers, this app tells us that detail.

One question that remains of many people about TrueCaller is that we have never used this app nor created an account on it. Then how did they get the details of your number? So friends, this is because if your number is saved in the contact list of someone you know, in whose phone TrueCaller is inserted, then TrueCaller stores your name in its database from there.

Due to which the information of your mobile number also becomes available on it. Those who want to maintain their privacy and no unknown person can know their name, number or location, then this post is for them all.

How to remove (remove/unlist) your mobile number from TrueCaller

To remove your number from truecaller, first you have to deactivate your account. After that you have to unlist your number by going to the official website.

Step 1 – Deactivate Account

1. Open TrueCaller in your phone and click on the menu option on the top left of it.

2. You will see many options in the menu, out of which you have to open the settings.

3. In that setting, you have to click on Privacy. In that end, select Deactivate Account and do Yes. Doing this will deactivate your account.

After this your TrueCaller will be Deactivated. Now uninstall this app from your mobile.

Step 2- Unlist mobile number

Now we have to unlist our mobile number from Truecaller. Which we are going to tell you in an easy way below.

1. Go to

2. On this you will get the unlist form. In the first box, the mobile number that he wants to remove from truecaller, he should enter it with his country code. The country code of India is +91.

Apna Mobile Number aur naam True Caller se kaise Remove kare

3. Now just by clicking on I’m not a robot for verification. Verify by selecting the right image and click on the unlist button below.

Just do this, soon your number will be removed (unlisted) from the true caller forever. And doing this, no one will be able to know their name and location through this app.

Truecaller claims that by doing this the number gets removed within 24 hours. But this does not mean that your mobile number has been removed from truecaller forever.

It has happened with many people that they unlisted their number at once, but after a long time, they started coming again on truecaller. This happened even when he had not even used this app.

That’s why you kept checking from the phone of any of your friends in between that your number has not been added again. If this happens then you can unlist your truecaller number again from step 2 mentioned above.

Conclusion:- Friends, this information given in this article, how to remove your name and number from Turecaller app? If you find it beneficial, then share it on social media and share it with others.


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