You must have seen many times that whenever you create an ID on a website, log in or recover the password, then you are definitely faced with Captcha. Where you have to fill in the box below by looking at the numbers or letters in the given image or select the image according to the question asked. You must have thought many times that what is Captcha and why it is needed. What is the function of captcha and many such questions must have come in your mind. Today you will get all the information related to captcha through this article.

Captcha is a verification process that requires the user to enter a pre-determined code. CAPTCHA is a fully automated public turing test to identify computers and humans. CAPTCHA provides a question or code that is easy for a human to solve but difficult for a robot.

In this article, you have been told in detail about what is Captcha, why it is used, how many types are there and how to solve captcha etc. If you do not know about CAPTCHA then this information can prove to be important for you.

Let us know, what is Captcha code? What is captcha in hindi, How to solve captcha in hindi, captcha kya hai or iska istemaal kyu kiya jata hai? etc.)

What is captcha?

The full form of Captcha is ‘Completely Automated Public Turing Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart’. Captcha is also called Captcha Code. The work of both is same.

Captcha is a device that acts as a security system. With the help of this, it is known by the computer program whether the input it is giving is human or machine.

Captcha helps a lot in protecting your website and application from malware and spammers. For example, when you sing-up or create an account on a website, you get the option to solve the captcha, after completing which you can create your account in that website or application.

Not only this, to solve the captcha, you have to fill the captcha while making online payment, booking train tickets on IRCTC or logging on to a particular app.

Where is captcha code used?

We told you what is captcha code, now know where it is used. Let us tell you that while registering on a website or commenting on the blog and website, the captcha code shows.

This is because CAPTCHA code is a program that only human being can solve, no machine. That’s why this code is used to do this test.

How does captcha work?

When you sing-up or login to any website or application, then some images are shown in front of you at that time. Some name is written on these images and you have to click on some related images associated with that name. During this, if you choose the right images, then you then sing-up or login to your website or application.

It is not necessary that the captcha are shown only in the images. Apart from the images, you also have to write them correctly by doing some cross arrows Alphabets, Maths, Calculations. Whereas most of the time you are given sloppy alphabets and some numbers with them which have to be solved.

Types of Captcha

You must have faced many different Captcha Codes many times. These codes are created differently for each website. We are going to tell you many types of captcha code so that whenever you solve captcha code in future, you will know which type of captcha code you are solving.

1. Text Recognition Bases

Such Captcha which are Puzzle and these are text bases, to solve which the user has to recognize the text and in the captcha you have to solve the captcha by typing the alphabet. After which you can enter on that website.

2. Image Recognition Based

Captcha codes which are image based show some similar looking images on which a name is also given. In which you have to find and select the image associated with the given name, you get an entry on the website.

3. Audio Recognition Based

In such Captcha you get to hear audio. You have to type that audio and fill it in the box.

4. Maths Solving Captcha

When you login to a website, many times you are asked to fill the Maths Solving Captcha. In this captcha you have to solve some numbers in front of you. Like adding or subtracting numbers.

5. 3D Captcha

In some Captcha, you see a 3D image in which you have to identify and write alphabets or numbers.

6. Ad Injected Captcha

In this type of Captcha, you get to solve through some ads on your screen. Like you will see an Ad or people of any brand on the screen and you have to identify it and fill it.

These were some types of Captcha which you must have solved somewhere. But users do not waste a lot of time in solving all these, so Google has launched such a captcha in which you do not need to write anything, identify it.

Actually Google bought the company making recaptcha in the year 2009 and after making some changes in it launched No Captcha recaptcha.

Now you must be wondering what is no captcha recaptcha. Which was created by Google by improving reCaptcha. In this captcha you have to click on a box. After which Google’s algorithm automatically detects whether you are a human or a computer.

To verify this, Google what is your IP, how long have you been on that web page, what is your location, how much you scrolled that web page, what was the movement of your cursor while clicking on that box, all such processes fulfills.

What are the benefits of Captcha?

  • If you use Captcha in the comment box of the blog, then spam comments will stop coming to your blog.
  • Many online websites are used to use CAPTCHA in a save way.
    It is used in a website because Solve can only be done by humans, no machine or computer.
  • Using Captcha, you can save your email address from Email Scrapers.
    You can use it to protect the website from dictionary attack.

What are the disadvantages of captcha?

If something has advantages, then there are also disadvantages with them. So far you have learned the advantages of Captcha, but you also need to know about its disadvantages.

  • Sometimes difficulty in understanding and reading some Captcha.
  • This is not right for the Disabilities user.
  • It takes more time to create any ID through this.
  • In some Internet browsers, these cause technical problems.

How to Solve Captcha Code

Although, solving the Captcha code is a cumbersome task but it is also necessary to solve it. If you are not able to solve it then you will not be able to proceed. That’s why now we will know how to solve captcha code. This is quite easy.

When you are given the captcha code to solve, then carefully look at the captcha code number you got and fill it.
If it is in the form of text then write it like that. Write small letters as small and capital letters in capital only.
Sometimes Audio Captcha Code is also given to solve. So fill in carefully what you hear.
If the image is in the form, then select only that image as asked. (Suppose you have been given some image to select the traffic light, then just click on it.)

Earn money with captcha

It is very interesting to know that you can also earn money from captcha. Yes, the work we find difficult to do, we can earn from it. Be aware that there are many such websites on the internet that give money only for solving captcha. For example, Captcha Club is one such website.

But for this it is necessary that how fast you can solve the captcha code. Similarly, you can earn lakhs of rupees by just solving captcha code sitting at home.

Conclusion:- Today in this article, we have given you the detailed information of Captcha, in which you know, what is captcha and where it is used, how many types of captcha are there, how to solve it, what are the advantages and disadvantages of captcha. Also we learned how to solve it and you can earn money by solving captcha code.

After reading this article till the end, you must have got complete information about KAPTCHA. Hope you have got the answer of all the questions related to Captcha.


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