Today in this article we will tell you What is VPN? And how it works as well as its advantages and disadvantages will also be discussed. As you know smart phone users are becoming more and more in the world. Every day we keep searching on the internet somewhere or the other.

At this time everything has become digital, so we do a lot of work online and it has also been found that more and more people spend more of their time in chat on whatsapp.

As you must know, IP address (Internet Protocol address.) is a unique address from which your device like mobile, computer, laptop etc. can be easily identified. Your privacy is known to other people through the IP address of your device.

Also, some people inadvertently share their personal data on different websites and this mistake can cost you a lot in future because on whichever website you have shared your personal data, people are using your data wrongly. can |

But you can avoid it, there are many things in this online world, due to which we are afraid somewhere but the world of online is getting longer. Accordingly, many things are coming. Which protects our data from being stolen.
One of this is a VPN that protects our data, so today we will tell you what VPN is and how it works (How to work VPN in Hindi) You will get to know about all these things in this article.

So do not leave this What is VPN in hindi article anywhere because today you will know how VPN works and how you can use it.

What is VPN

VPN full form– Virtual Private Network This is a type of network, it is a very good way to protect your personal data from bad people, VPN is the most powerful way. VPN can only be used online, it cannot be used offline.

With the help of VPN, big companies protect their personal data from hackers. VPN prevents data from being stolen, it can be used on computer, mobile phone. Till now we have told you what is VPN, now we will tell you it. How does it work?

How does VPN Work

When you do any work on the Internet, if you are using Vipin, then your data is protected. By which your data is saved from theft, do you know that there are many such websites in India which are blocked which we cannot access. But you will be happy to know that with the help of VPN, you can access all these sites as well.

If you do not believe, then do one thing once which is a block site. It is ok to open them without using a VPN and once you open a block site using a VPN, you will come to know that the block site can be opened using BPN that without using the block site can be opened.

So far we have known what is vpn and how it works, now we will know further how we can use bpn, okay so let’s stay on the post, let us further tell you how to use vpn

How to use VPN

So far we have told you that VPN Kya hai kaise Kam Karta hai and now we will know how to use VPN so that we will be able to use it properly and get the benefit of it.

How to set VPN in Smartphone.

Do you want to set up VPN in smart phone, if yes then you have to first download VPN App from play store. Now we will tell you step by step how you can set up a VPN.

  • First of all, download the VPN app in your mobile phone as soon as it is downloaded.
  • You have to open the app, set your location and click on the connect button, your VPN will be connected. We hope you have set up the VPN app.

What is the best free VPN app for Android

So far we have known what is bpn how it works now we will help you to choose a good vpn app with top five vpn app for android it can also have free vpn apps and trees can also be vpn.

Turbo VPN- You can use it both free and paid, although we have already told you above that the free one cannot be trusted so much because here there is a question of security of your data, so we request you You take it from the tree itself.

Touch VPN- This is a very good one, it is absolutely free, you can use it for free, there is nothing to be afraid of. Read this too – Which is the cheapest hosting website

Super VPN- You will get it both ways, you will want to get free, you will also get free and want to get paid, you will also get paid and you can use it easily.

Hola free vpn- You can use it easily for free, you can use many good things in it, although it is not as safe, you can still use it.

Droid vpn- This is absolutely free, you can use it absolutely for free, there is no problem in this, there is nothing to be afraid of, your data cannot be hacked.

Above we have told you so far what is VPN and how it works as well as told about Top Five VPN for Android App so that you can easily use these best free VPN apps.

How to set up VPN in computer.

We know that if you want to use VPN in computer, then for this you have to download VPN from browser.

  • You have to install and open VPN and click on Settings.
  • When you click on Settings. So you will get the option of privacy and security and there will be an option to enable VPN. VPN has to be turned on by clicking on the option of enable VPN.

Now we understand that you must have set up VPN on the computer.

Best Windows VPN software

If you search on Google, you will find many VPN software, but out of that you have a lot of difficulty in choosing a good VPN software, below we have told about some of the best windows VPN software, you can see below.

  • Hotspot shield
  • CyberGhost
  • Zenmate
  • Sarf Easy
  • Open VPN
  • Windsribe
  • Tunnel Bear

VPN advantage

  • By this you can save your personal data.
  • We can increase online security through VPN
  • You can also access block website through this.
  • Do you know that when you use VPN, no one can see your data, even security agencies
  • Cannot access your data.

VPN disadvantage

  • In today’s time there are many such services on the internet that give us free VPN but you do not know that they hack your data itself and misuse it.
  • Most of the VPNs have free 3GB to 6GB daily, after that you have to buy paid, if your internet speed is slow then you cannot use VPN properly.
  • Internet fast is very important to use VPN.

Conclusion:- We hope that you have liked this article What is VPN (what is VPN in Hindi), if you have liked it. Then you must have understood how VPN works and about its Advantage and Disadvantage, so now let’s go Let’s meet with such a helpful article, if you liked the article, then you will tell by commenting below. Thank you,


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