M- Parivahan App – How to View Vehicle Documents Online: Now you will not need to carry the car documents and driving license. You only need to show mobile during checking. Yes, now M Transport will keep all the documents and driving license of your vehicle in the mobile app. The mobile app will have a QR code, which the police can see the entire document as soon as it is scanned. The state government has issued a notification regarding this. Under which will be valid during checking of police and RTO. The National Informatics Center has designed the M-Transport app.

App will be valid in the whole country

Through this app, you can show your car documents and driving license anywhere in the country when stopped. M Transport App is an application whose number of forms and licenses will be fed on the Quick Response Code. After this, all the details related to the car papers will be seen onscreen.

How to download

You can download this app from Google Play Store. Put your car number in it. Complete information about the car will come on your mobile screen. It will have the option of registration. It will have to enter the last four digits of the engine and chassis number of the vehicle. After this the QR code will be generated.

Registration renewal alert

Now the information about the driving license or the date of renewal of the train registration will be received through SMS. Seven days before the date on which your license or vehicle registration is expiring, you will reach an SMS.

Benefits of the app

➥ Complete information about lost, stolen or crashed vehicles.
➥ Car registration can be verified.
➥ If you buy an old vehicle, you will get complete information about it.
➥ Any type of complaint can be made here.
➥ You can find out the RTO office in your area

The state government has issued a notification regarding the M-Parivahan mobile app. In this regard, people are being made aware through all the RTOs.


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