TrueCaller is a Caller Identification and Spam Blocking service, developed by the Swedish company True Software Scandinavia AB. It is available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows (Phone) operating systems. The basic work of Truecaller is Caller Identification. That is to identify Caller. When you get a call from an unknown number, the trocoller tells you whose number it is. Also, if you mark a number as Spam, then blocks the Calls coming from that number.

The way the TrueCaller works is very simple. When you install the Truecaller App in your phone, it asks for your permission to access Contacts. And as soon as you give it permission, it uploads all your contacts to its server and distributes it to the whole world. Now you will say that if this is the case then do not allow the permission. But the problem is that this app will not work until you allow the permission. That is, if you have to use the Trocolor app, then it has to be given the permission of Contacts. it’s mandatory.

By the way, this app has many such features, which you may not even know about. So let’s know a little more about it.

Protects Us From Excessive Spam Calls
This app automatically detects spam and fake calls and prevents them from reaching the users. Whenever a spammer calls you, then your screen automatically turns into red and a warning starts appearing. These are the same numbers that many people have given the tag of spam.

It Detects Caller Names (TrueCaller’s Number Search)
When an unknown person calls you, then this app shows the name of that caller if it is available in their phone number directory. If you want, you can request their details if it is not available in their directory. This app will automatically send a notification to that user for details, if that user rejects your notification then you cannot get his details.

Performs Auto Detection
This app does not detect only those numbers which are saved in your contact list. Rather, all these numbers which are in a website, or in any social media, such as in WhatsApp or facebook messenger too, by clicking them, you can identify all those numbers in Truecaller.

It has a Wide Caller Directory
The PC version of Truecaller not only detects your locality numbers but it also detects international numbers. Also, this app can identify national and international numbers and all their available information.

Smart Dialer
You can also make direct calls using this app, you do not have to go to contacts diary. Apart from this, it also provides you the status of available users who are available to receive calls.

Many languages ​​support
Truecaller supports a wide range of languages. Therefore, you can use this app even if you do not understand English. Below I have mentioned a list of all languages ​​that this app supports

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