Friends, the easiest way to hack any Android mobile is to use SPY Apps. And most of the SPY Apps Paid are on the Internet. Which you have to spend money to use. But today in this post I will tell you 4 working methods to hack any smartphone.

Using the methods mentioned in this post, you can hack anyone’s android mobile phone, and can access its Call Detail, Gallery, Facebook, Whatsapp & all data.

Friends, if you want to hack and spy any android smartphone’s message, call details, location, gallery & social media accounts, then today in this post we will know that easily any
If you want to listen to the phone calls of any of your friend, GF / BF, Husband / Wife in your phone sitting at home? So Mobile Call Hack Kaise Kare (How To Hack Mobile Call), I have already told about it but if you want to hack your victim’s messages or call details, then in this post today I will tell you that easily Too
Friends, this is a very easy way to know the messages or call details of anyone. Just have to take android mobile phone of your victim for some time. After that, by installing a small application easily, you can easily see and hear his messages and call details sitting at your house.

How to Hack messages or call detail of any android phone step by step 

Step 1: First of all you have to go to the site of thetruthspy and download this app in your victim’s phone, you can also do it from the link given below.
Step 2: Now after downloading the software, you have to install this app in the phone of your victim (whose mobile phone calls or messages you want to hack).
Step 3: Now open and click on agree.
Step 4: Now come in front of 2 options. Login & Register! Now if your account is already on it, then login, otherwise click on register.
Step 5: Now enter your email and password and click on create account, if your victim has mobile root, then you will be asked for root permissions, which can be allowed.
Step 6: Now also allow device administrator permission in your victim’s phone.
Step 7: Now your work is done, now just click on Configuration.
Step 8: Now in front of you 2 options coming HIDE & UNINSTALL you have to click on hide and hide that spy app from your victim’s phone. Now if you want to open that app, then dial # 2013 * in your victim’s phone.
Step 9: Now go to’s website to see your victim’s call & sms detail, and login with your email address or password with which you registered in your victim’s phone.
Step 10: Now you will get all the details of your victim’s call or messages.
So friends, in this way you can hack any android mobile phone’s message and call details in free.

Install Application: Ciick Here

Note: But all such apps work only on the internet, so if your victim’s phone will have internet connection on, then only you will be able to hack and spy its messages and call details.


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