What is Microsoft Math Solver App | How To Use: –Microsoft math solver app is an important app for students. This app solves any question step-by-step. In the app, you can also learn how to solve the question. Through this app, we can get the answer by scanning, drow, or typing any math question.

Microsoft math solver can install and install the app in the play store or you can install the app by clicking on the link given below.

How to use Microsoft math solver app: –

➥ After installing Microsoft math solver app –
➥ Let us open the app and select the language.
➥ After that, click on get started.
➥ Now, let’s click on continues.
➥ After this we can solve any math problem by scan, drow or type.

When we click on Scan, we scan whatever question we need for the solution of math.
From which we get the solution of math related to it.

By clicking on Drow, we can solve any problem by drow.

We can also solve the problem of math by typing questions through this app.
In this way, we can solve any math question through micro soft math solver.



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