Friends, as we all know how important is the horoscope in Hinduism. Because in Hinduism, the horoscope of the child is made immediately after the birth of the child. Horoscope is very important for a person’s life. According to the belief, the fate of a person is determined before his birth. That’s why most of the people get their children’s Kundali made by going to astrology immediately after birth, but a person does not know how to see his own Kundali, for which he goes to astrology. If you want to see your horoscope, then you yourself. Only you can see your horoscope properly, let me tell you today through my article how to see your own horoscope.

In making a horoscope, 12 columns are made which are known as Bhava. There are 12 zodiac signs used to prepare the horoscope of each person, and as you know, there are different parts for each zodiac sign, each house represents a zodiac sign. Through Kundali, you can get information about the past, present and future of the person. And friends, along with this, information is obtained about the position of Sun, Moon and other planets in the signs and regions through Kundali. That is why friends, you will no longer have to go outside to know about your zodiac sign. You can get accurate information about your zodiac sign by sitting at home.

How the zodiac is identified by the name letter? / View Your Rashifal

Aries / મેષ
(Characters: Aa, La, E) :- Click Here View
Taurus / વૃષભ 
(Letters: Ba,Va,Ua) :- Click Here View
Gemini / મિથુન
(Letters: Ka, Chha, Gha) :- Click Here View
Cancer / કર્ક 
(Letters: Da,Ha) :- Click Here View
Leo / સિંહ 
(Letters:Ma,Ta) :- Click Here View
Virgo / કન્યા
(Letters: Pa,THa,Na) :- Click Here View
Libra / તુલા 
(Letters: Ra,Ta) :- Click Here View
Scorpio / વૃશ્ચિક
(Name letters: Na, Ya) :- Click Here View
Sagittarius / ધન
(Name letters: Bha, Dha,Fa, Dha) :- Click Here View
Capricorn / મકર 
(Laetters: Kha, Ja) :- Click Here View
Aquarius / કુંભ
(Letters:Ga,Sa,Sha) :- Click Here View
Pisces / મીન 
(Letters:Da, Cha,Za,tha) :- Click Here View

Names of Lords of Zodiac Signs

Lord of Aries = Mars
Lord of Taurus = Venus
Lord of Gemini = Mercury
lord of cancer = moon
lord of lion = sun
Lord of Virgo = Mercury
Lord of Libra sign = Venus
Lord of Scorpio = Mars
Lord of sagittarius = master
Lord of Capricorn = Saturn
Lord of Aquarius = Saturn
Lord of Pisces = master

What are the types of planets in the horoscope?

Sun planet
Moon planet
Mars planet
Mercury Planet
thursday planet
Planet venus
Rahu planet
Ketu planet

Quote of Kundali

first quote
second quote
third quote
fourth quote
fifth quote
flower quote
seventh quote
eighth quote
ninth quote
tenth quote
eleventh quote
twelfth quote

Benefits of Birth Chart

  • By having a birth chart, we are aware of the bad days coming in our life, due to which we strengthen ourselves to deal with those situations so that we can face the bad days.
  • Apart from this, information is also available about the accidents and diseases that happen in our life, due to which we become smart.
  • On the basis of birth chart, we can find suitable life partner for us. The horoscopes of both the boy and the girl are matched so that information about the compatibility between them can be obtained.
  • If there is any defect in your horoscope due to which you are not able to reach your goal despite hard work, then on the basis of the horoscope you can bring its redressal.

How to make Janam Kundli through Mobile App

  • First of all you have to download AstroSage Kundli Astrology App from Google Play Store of your mobile.
  • After that you have to open this app. On opening the app, first you have to select your language. And then click on Next button.
  • Next state you will be asked to create new account in this app. If you wish, you can skip this step by clicking on the “Skip” button available above.
  • Now you will reach the home page of this app. Here you will see many options.
  • Out of these, you have to click on the option of birth chart. After clicking, you have to fill all the information correctly in the new birth chart. And then click on the Show Kundli option available below.
  • In the next state you will be asked if this is your horoscope. If yes then click on Yes.
  • As soon as you click on Yes. Your horoscope will be ready. You can see it, along with this, if you want, you can also download your Janam Kundli by clicking on the option available here.
  • After this you can see your birth chart anytime anywhere.

What is the right way to view horoscope?

Friends, if you want to see your horoscope in the right way, then you have to follow the points given below.

  • To see the horoscope, first you have to go to an online website.
  • After visiting this website, a new form will open in front of you.
  • In this form, you have to fill some of your information such as your name, date of birth, time of birth etc. Fill all the information correctly.
  • After filling all the information you have to click on the submit button.
  • After this the horoscope will open in front of you.
  • You can also take a print out of your birth chart.

Conclusion:- Dear friends, I hope you have understood through my article that how to see Janam Kundali? If even after this you do not get any cut then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below. In future also I will keep you informed about more things like this.


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