Map Of Your Village –  To take a map of a plot, now the common man and farmers will not have to go round the tehsil. Land records (land records) are to be made online in all the five tehsils of the district on the instructions of the government.

For this, land records and maps of plots are being scanned. This work will take eight months. The district administration plans to start this service from January 1, 2017.

Emphasis is being laid on online work in departments in the district for paperless work under e-governance. Till now income, birth and death certificates, caste certificates, residence certificates were being made available online. Apart from this, measles Khatauni of the lands has also become online.

But there was no facility to make maps of the plots online. Now along with the land records of the tehsil, maps of the plots will also be made online. For this, scanning of land map is being done at tehsil level.

This task has been assigned to the RAMTACK company. Employees of this company are rapidly scanning the geo map. Online land map work is being done in Sadar, Zamania, Muhammadabad, Jakhania and Saidpur tehsils of the district.

After this it will be fed into the computer. After this work is completed, people will not have to go round the tehsils to get a map of their land. And neither will have to spend much money with the recommendation of Lekhpal for this work.
This Government Website gives states and areas to watch their all towns
All Gujarat town maps include below map
1. Village map
2. Map of towns
3. Village naksha
4. District maps

Download Your Village Map: Click Here


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