The Full form of BPL is Below Poverty Line i.e. people coming below the poverty line. What kind of card is BPL card, where the information of the poor people present in the country is recorded. As you all know that census is conducted in India every 10 years out of which BPL and APL list is prepared.

Census is conducted every 10 years in India, in which all the information about all the citizens of the country is collected, what is their education, what is their occupation and income etc. And on the basis of that BPL and APL list is made. The BPL list is the list which includes the names of the citizens of the country falling below the poverty line, and the APL list contains the names of the citizens who are above the poverty line. However, some amendments are also made to these lists every year. If you want to see your name in this year’s BPL list, then we are giving you information about how to do it in this article. To check your name in BPL list, pay attention to the following points.

Purpose of BPL List

The BPL list to be prepared every 10 years is prepared for certain objectives set by the government.

The BPL list is prepared to measure the poverty line figures in the country.
This list is also made to check whether the people living in poverty are getting the benefits of the schemes given by the government or not or they should be provided benefits.
This list is also prepared to collect information about the number of people who are below the poverty line in the country.
Earlier this list was prepared offline, for which one had to visit the government offices, but now every work of the digital country has become digital, so the new BPL list can also be seen online by visiting the official website.

How to check your name in BPL list

Through online website

If you want to check your name in BPL list, then first you have to click on the official website.
As soon as this website will open on your screen, you will be given options to give some information. In which you will be asked to select your state, district, tehsil, gram panchayat etc.
Select all this information correctly and finally click on the submit button. As soon as you click on it, the BPL list of your area will be shown on your screen, you can see your name in it.

Through mobile app-

You can also search your name in BPL list on your mobile phone. For this, you download the ‘BPL Ration Card List’ app from Google Play Store in your smart phone. Whose link is as follows –
After downloading this app, open it. And in this you will see a link of ‘Check List’, on which you have to click.
Then option will appear to select some information in your phone. This information can be the name of your state, the name of the district, the name of the village panchayat etc.
After selecting all these information, you click on the submit button. After this the BPL list will be displayed on your phone, from where you can check your name, whether your name is in the list or not.

On the basis of names included in MGNREGA Scheme

Let us tell you that the beneficiaries of NREGA scheme are those people who come under BPL category. The BPL list can also be seen on the basis of the names included in the NREGA scheme. The process of which is as follows –

  1. First of all you have to go to the official website of MNREGA scheme.
  2. Here you will be asked to fill some information in the home page itself, you fill all the information correctly.
  3. After filling all the information submit it. This will open the district wise list on your screen.

Benefits of BPL List

The first advantage of being named in the BPL list will be that people coming below the poverty line get subsidized rate and ration in the depot, which includes wheat, rice, pulses and oil etc.
People coming below the poverty line will also get additional assistance in government work. With this, their children can get scholarship, and can also get employment.
People who come below the poverty line need government assistance to make their living, such as in healthcare, education and other things. Therefore, by being named in the BPL list, people will get the benefits of government schemes.

In this way, by checking your name in this year’s BPL list, you can see whether you are eligible to take advantage of government schemes or not.

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