Friends, today we are going to talk about pollution certificate, most of the people have vehicles such as bike, car etc. In such a situation, apart from the necessary documents, there is one more important document which we need to make and that is Pollution Certificate. Keeping an eye, today I am going to tell you through my article that you have to read our article in detail to know what is pollution certificate or how it is made.

What is Pollution Certificate

Friends, as we all know that many traffic rules have been implemented by our government all over the country, one of which is the pollution certificate. And to follow the rule, first of all you should know what is Pollution Certificate. So friends, let me tell you that before providing the pollution certificate, you have to get the PUC checked, after the PUC check of your vehicle, you will be given the pollution certificate. The limit of pollution certificate is fixed. For BS4 vehicles, this limit is 1 year and for other vehicles this limit is only up to 3 months. And after 3 months you have to renew your sister’s certificate And for this, only 60 to ₹ 100 have to be paid.

Where is the pollution certificate required to be made?

If you also want to get a pollution certificate, then you have to go to the pollution center. To get your pollution certificate made, you have to go to your nearest pollution center and apply for your certificate there.

For how long is the pollution certificate valid?

By the way, the validity of Pollution Certificate is 6 months, it has to be checked every 6 months. When we buy a new car, its partner is given a PUC which is mostly valid for around 1 year. After that you have to get the PUC checked again in the stipulated time. The price of the same ranges from Rs.60 to Rs.100, depending on the fuel type of the vehicle.

How is PUC Tested?

For diesel vehicles, the accelerator is fully depressurized and smoke pollution readings are taken. Only after repeating this process 5 times, the average is taken out and the final reading is taken. Whereas, for petrol vehicles, the accelerator is not pressed and the reading is taken only once. If there is more pollution in the vehicle while checking the PUC, then the Pollution Test Center has to give the registration number of the vehicle to the concerned officer in the RTO office within 1 day. After which that vehicle can be re-examined and action can also be taken.

Important information about PUC

  • PUC is applicable all over the country that is if we are going to any other city then we don’t need to get new PUC.
  • Pollution certificate is essential for any motor vehicle.
  • Only a person who has a minimum valid degree in Motor Mechanics or Automobile Engineering is eligible to test PUC.
  • Apart from PUC centers, you can also get this facility in the official garages of automobile companies.
  • Make sure to get a new PUC certificate made by the day the old PUC certificate of your vehicle is expiring. You can be fined for being late a day.

How to get pollution certificate made?

  • Friends, as told above that if you want to get your vehicle’s pollution certificate made, then for that you have to go to your nearest pollution testing center.
  • There, a gas analyzer is connected to a computer that has a camera and printer to check your vehicle’s pollution. And this gas analyzer checks the pollution data coming out of your vehicle.
  • And after the test is done, the data and the camera sends the photo of the license plate of your vehicle to the computer.
  • But if your vehicle emits a lot of pollution, then the pollution certificate of your vehicle is not made, that is why your own vehicle has to be well maintained, if your vehicle has good maintenance then you can get your pollution certificate.

How to Download Pollution Certificate?

If your vehicle has a pollution certificate, then you have to follow the steps given below to get your pollution certificate

  • First of all, to get the pollution certificate made, you have to go to its official website.
  • After going to the website, you have to enter the number of the car asked there and the check paper and in addition the captcha code and you have to click on the button of the shirt.
  • After clicking on the search button, you have to click on the option of Download Pollution Certificate Online 2020
  • In this way you can download the pollution certificate of your vehicle.

Conclusion:- I hope my dear friends have you understood through my article that what is pollution certificate or how to make it You can also download a copy of it. In the same way, I will continue to provide you information about other things through my article, if you face any difficulty, then you can ask us by commenting in the comment box below. important for.


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