Instagram is also a very popular social network like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, you can guess from this that more than a billion people have downloaded Instagram on the Play Store so far. One problem of Instagram is that you cannot download any photo or video from it because it is completely against their Terms & Conditions. If you want, you can save any photo or video, but it is saved only in your Instagram account and not in the gallery. Many times it happens that when we like a photo or video of those we follow on Instagram, then we want to save it in the gallery of our phone. That’s why many people want to know how to download photos and videos from Instagram? Today what I am going to tell you the way in this post, you can download anyone’s photo or video in your phone’s gallery in that way, that too absolutely free.

How to download photo and video from Instagram:

You all must know that there are two types of accounts on Instagram, one public account and the other private account. You will find many websites and applications on the Internet to download photos or videos from public accounts, but no such facility is available for private. But today I will also tell you the method of how to download photo or video from private account with public account. In this post, first of all we will know how to download photo or video from public account, after that we will move towards private account.

For Public Account

Step-1: First of all you have to download an application in your phone named FastSave. This application is absolutely free on play store.

Step-2: After downloading the FastSave application, the FastSave Service has to be enabled.

Step-3: Now you can open your Instagram account. There will be 3 dots in front of any photo or video you want to download, on which to click.

Step-4: When you click on 3 Dots, after that some options will appear on your screen. Now you have to click on the option with Copy Link.

Step-5: As soon as you click on Copy Link, that photo or video will start downloading. After the download is complete, you will get its information in the Notification bar.

Step-6: Now that photo or video will be saved in your gallery. You can easily download any Instagram photo or video in this way.

For Private Account

Step-1: First of all you will need Google Chrome browser. If you have a computer then it will be very easy but there may be some problem in Android phone, I will try to explain in a simple way.

Step-2: Log in to your Instagram account in Chrome browser. Remember, from whichever private account you want to download photos or videos, you have followed it.

Step-3: Open any photo or video you want to download in the browser.

Step-4: If you are using computer then press Ctrl + U and you will see the source code of that page. Those who also have Android, write view-source: next to the page URL. For example, if the page Url is https// then write it as view-source:https//

Step-5: If you want to download a photo, then search on that page by typing og:image and search for the same video by typing og:video. After searching, copy whatever link is in front of it in the browser.

Step-6: Now open New Tab in the browser and paste that link in the search box.

Step-7: As soon as you go to that link, you will see that photo or video. Long press on it and you can download it by clicking on Save option.

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Conclusion: So friends today in this post we learned how to download photo and video from Instagram. In this post I have told you two methods, first method for public account and second method for private account.

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