B612 Camera is such a magical app that you would never have thought of. With its help, you can surprise everyone by putting great effects in your photos. B612 Camera App was created mainly for taking selfies and editing them. [AdSense-A]

B612 Camera is a very popular online makeup and photo editing app which has been used a lot all over the world.

There are many great features in this application, about which you will learn further, but for your information, tell us that there have been various allegations on it from the beginning. Beauty Plus Makeup Camera has become a great photo retouch app, which is very easy to use and it also gives great results.

It has all the characteristics that a professional editor lives in.

➥ The great thing is that anyone can use this photo editor because its interface is very easy.

➥ There are a lot of ready filters in this application, which you can apply according to the mood immediately.

➥ With the help of magic brush, you can do any kind of painting with your hand and apply it on your selfie.

➥ Now suppose you do not want to waste your time in editing, then you can use its live re-touch feature.

➥  From applying the best special effects to making attractive photos, it will do it in one click.

What can you do with the B612 Camera app?

B612 Camera has some great AI features that have no break –

1.Live Sticker Selfie | Live sticker selfie

With the help of Live Sticker Selfie feature, you can share different stickers on your face and share them.

Whether you become a pirate or this feature of Rabbit Beauty Camera, you will find it very fun.

2. Group Selfie | Group selfie

If you take a selfie in a group, then this feature is of great use to you.

By selecting the faces of all the people present in a group, it gives a similar and very natural look.

It also has a selfie timer which gives you the proper time to be photographed.

3. Remove Background | Background remover

The need for background remover is often kept on us because many times we want to change the background of our photo and apply something else.

Although this can be done in software like PhotoShop but it is difficult for common people to learn it.

Moreover, other software also does not come free, so this feature of B612 Camera is excellent.

With the B612 Camera app, you can easily change the background of any photo.

4. Night Photo | Night Photo

We often encounter problems when taking a photo with a mobile camera.

If you use Beauty Plus camera, its best Artificial Intelligence (AI) will not let your photo deteriorate.

Even under low light, night photo feature takes care of colors and exposure in photos. [AdSense-A]

5. Travel Photos | Travel Photo

Travel Photo is the best feature of this app.

With the help of this feature, you can take your photo at any famous place.

Suppose you want to take a photo near the Tower of Pisa.

You just select the location and click your selfie in a pose.

The rest of the work will be done by B612 Camera AI.

6. Person Remover | Person Remover

This feature removes any person from your photos.

7. Photo Repair | Photo editor

This feature increases the resolution of your photo.

8. Photo Editor | Photo editor

Apart from a great selfie app, B612 Camera is also a great photo editor.

How to make the best settings for Beauty Plus Camera?

➥ You can register in this, it will keep you from getting any updates.

➥ The premium feature of B612 Camera is also great, which is to provide a lot of filter options, but for this you will have to pay some fee.

➥ For best settings, change the settings mentioned below and leave the rest as it is.

Remove acne & blemishes: You should keep this feature on because it removes acne and acne spots.

Male Friendly makeup: Keep it on as well, because this feature reduces the make-up effect in men, so that it gives a natural look.

Watermark: Keep it off if you don’t want the watermark in your photos.

Image Resolution: You keep it at the highest resolution meaning ‘Ultra’. [AdSense-A]

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